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Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Can I schedule for Therapy Only, and not an Initial consultation?

An Initial Ayurvedic consultation is required before any herbal recommendations or therapies can be provided. This is because everyone has a unique body constitution, and not all treatments, herbal recommendations or oils are good for everyone. It is very important for the doctor to know your complete medical history, social history, your body type (prakriti, vikriti), before recommending any therapies. These are just a few concepts that are covered in an Initial Ayurvedic Consultation.


2. Can I schedule for a therapy only if I already know my dosha? 

Again an initial consultation is required before scheduling any therapy, and that is because our bodies are constantly changing due to our daily lifestyle, personal habits, the foods we eat, the seasonal and climate change, and due to the imbalances in our bodies. We even get some patients who think they are a certain body type, but in reality they are not. That’s why an initial consultation is required. 


3. Do you accept Health Insurance, or any type of Insurance?

No. Ayurvedic treatments fall under Holistic or Alternative Medicine which is generally not covered by most major Health Insurance carriers. Any services and therapies will be an out of pocket expense. 


4. What Payment Methods do you accept?

We gladly accept Cash and all Major Credit Cards. A receipt will be provided after payment. 





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